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Interactive Home Audit
In the 2006/07 school year the Dearness Environmental Society worked with all four boards of education in the City of Greater Sudbury:Interactive Home Audit

  • Rainbow District School Board
  • Sudbury Catholic District School Board
  • Conseil scolaire de district catholique du Novel-Ontario (Nouvelon)
  • Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario (CSPGNO)

and the municipality, through Efficient Sudbury, to promote the use of the Interactive Home Audit. Every school child received a bookmark which was grade appropriate in either French or English to take home to guide them through using the Interactive Home Audit ( ) with their families.

The Interactive Home Audit asks basic questions about the type of dwelling, the number of occupants and the energy sources used in the home before Efficient Sudburygoing through and looking at energy choices in each room of the house. Not only does the Interactive Home Audit give information on the energy costs associated with various technologies, it also gives an estimate of the savings (monetary and environmental) that would be realized by the family when they chose to make changes in their energy habits.

Radio, newspaper and student volunteers worked to inform residents without students in the school system about the Interactive Home Audit. Peter Mansbridge profiled the Interactive Home Audit on the National.

This project was supported by the Community Conservation Initiative
Program of the Ontario, Ministry of Energy
. and Efficient Sudbury

Dearness Conservation
The Dearness Conservation Program helps elementary and secondary students in grades 5 and 9 to audit their schools to determine how they use energy, water and produce waste. Next the students run Campaigns to change Lifestyle behaviours of the building occupants. These audits and campaigns are part of the curriculum units written by Dearness Environmental Society, so the work is incorporated directly into the classroom, meeting Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum requirements.

The Building Operators are also educated by the Dearness Environmental Society about the most efficient technologies available and the best practices for running an efficient school.

Rainbow District School BoardRainbow DSB
The Dearness Environmental Society has been working with the Rainbow District School Board for 7 years. This year they are moving towards getting secondary school students more involved by incorporating the concepts of sustainability into the DC program.

The Dearness Environmental Society has also worked with the Rainbow District School Board in an advisory capacity in the development of the newly required Energy Management Plans and in the construction of the Sustainable School, Valley View, which opened in the fall of 2007.

Sudbury Catholic District School BoardSCDSB
The Dearness Environmental Society has also been working with the Sudbury Catholic District School Board for the past 7 years helping them to reduce energy, water and waste, and to move towards a greener learning environment for their students and staff.

As part of this conservation initiative, this year, the SCDSB has committed to a new board wide program, which gives all students grades 4 and above, a student-aimed, age-appropriate environmental education presentation.  The Dearness Environmental Society is visiting every SCDSB school, and delivering this program.

The seventh year of the Dearness Conservation program was launched this year in conjunction with a board wide Conservation Challenge to all schools within the Board.  Catherine McCullough, the Director of Education for SCDSB, launched both the DC program and the contest, which will see the winning school collect a $500 Conservation Champion prize .

Union Gas

The DC Program in Sudbury is funded in part by Union Gas.

Westario Power & Parry Sound Power

The Dearness Environmental Society is working with local electric companies to bring conservation education to schools outside large urban areas. This school year, schools within the service areas of Westario Power and Parry Sound Power were invited to participate in the Dearness Conservation Program, which is sponsored by these Local Distribution Companies for the serviced schools.

Westario School Boards participating include:

  • Bluewater District School Board
  • Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board
  • Avon Maitland District School Board
  • Upper Grand District School Board
  • Huron Perth Catholic District School Board

Near North Schools and the Parry Sound Roman Catholic School Authority are funded by Parry Sound Power.

Participation in the program also allows the schools to participate in other sponsored conservation programs.

Westario PowerParry Sound Power

Hands for change

DES is the Canadian partner of CEE Canada and exploring international collaboration with Elementary & Secondary Schools interested in education of a more sustainable future.

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