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Energy Hogs
It's time the Energy Hogs met their match. Play the games to fine those nasty oinkers and kick them to the curb.

I don't want to Clean my Room
What IS that smell coming from Anita's room? Dad can't believe his eyes (or nose)!
Help Anita clean her room and learn about how to reuse and recycle objects around the house.

Follow up the Clean-up with a Yard Sale and see how much money you can make.

Squish the Fish
Grade(s): K - 2
Help Squish the Fish travel out across the reef to find his lunch. He needs to find friends who will help him hide from his nemesis, Big Tooth Blob. Learn about shape, color, and behavioral adaptations for survival.

Mysteries of Apo Island
Grades(s): 6-9
Some strange things are happening on Apo Island, in the Philippines. Investigate the clues and try to solve the mystery! Learn about shark biodiversity.



National Geographic for Kids
Homework help on a variety of topics including science and nature – comprehensive discussion of global warming.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) site for Kids
Contains global warming, climate change activities, links to games.

Bobbi Bigfoot
Help kids see how their everyday choices from breakfast to dinner affect their ecological footprint.

Earth Care Ops
Cool site from Auckland Regional Council (New Zealand) where students logon as an agent and are given missions to save the planet.

Eco kids
They say learn while you play and that is what this is. Lots of games, quizzes,interactive maps for kids to learn from.

Kids Create your Future
Japan for Sustainability created this site for children, comic strips about a positive, sustainable future and short stories on specific topics.

David Suzuki for Kids
Good general ideas to reduce your impact on the earth, how to start a composter, looking for autumn bugs.




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