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O & M Process Development

The Facility department will be using a number of processes to improve school operations and reduce utility costs.

O & M Assessment

The O&M needs assessment is required to provide a baseline for training of O&M personnel. A questionnaire is designed to review the specific training needs and the level of importance attached to each training issue. The needs are documented at both the worker and the manager level to check for organizational alignment. The assessment also reviews the results of previous training experiences in order to provide feedback on workshop training design.

Formation of Workshop Groups

The participants of workshop groups are typically head custodians, maintenance personnel and some key O&M managers. Workshop groups are typically between 10 and 15 people to maximize both cost and effectiveness. A minimum of three workshop sessions is recommended to ensure motivation and a positive group dynamic. Workshop groupings depend on the outcome of the needs assessment.

Workshop Documentation & Operational Manuals

The O&M documentation developed during workshops is based on the use of CAD software. The documentation consists of both floor plans and system schematics. CAD layers are used to document the locations of key building equipment like thermostats and school HVAC fans. A library of common symbols is developed for use in Board documentation. The emphasis is on visual documentation rather than wordy text.


Workshop Training

Workshops are designed based on adult learning principles and focused on case studies involving the Board schools. The training series covers heating, cooling, air handling, indoor air quality, lighting, electrical and building control systems. Workshop exercises and tasking are designed to develop standards of performance for efficient building operation and maintenance. Energy savings reports are used as a feedback tool and as a positive motivator for actions discovered in workshop training.

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