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The goal of the Dearness Environmental Society is to develop and deliver programs that foster education for a sustainable future through environmental resource efficiency management. Our aim is to align the client’s operational and business practices with a sustainable environmental plan that integrates environmental processes and technologies.

Our services incorporate the most up to date information, practices, procedures and technology, all of which provide our clients with complete environment, education and energy solutions.

Our projects,  in turn generate immediate and long-term financial savings which pay for the sustainable environmental outcomes.

What Can We Do for You- Schools

We can help you to enrich your curriculum, improve your learning environment, and at the same time generate annual energy savings.  These are some of the benefits created when we help you to integrate Energy, Education and Environment into your schools.

The Dearness Conservation Program produces the following tangible results:

  • Delivers classroom curriculum as prescribed by Ontario Ministry of Education Guidelines.

  • Improves the classroom learning environment.

  • Saves money by reducing energy, water and waste.

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Reduces utility consumption.

And these outcomes are all available at net savings to the participating boards!

What Can We Do for You- communities

We can help you to develop and implement a strategic resources conservation plan based on environment/economic/sustainable practices. In addition, we also offer an Interactive Home Audit that members of the community can access to evaluate how efficient their energy choices are and can be.

In the spring of 2007, the Interactive Home Audit was made available to all residents of the City of Greater Sudbury, using schools, radio, print and student volunteers to get the word out about the tool.

The Home Audit takes into account not only the type of dwelling (fully detached, semi, town home and apartment), but also the number of people living there and how the home is heated, water use/heating and whether or not it is air conditioned.

Residents are prompted to register commitments to energy saving choices ranging from installing CFLs to turning down (or up) the thermostats and turning off electrical equipment when they were finished with it. The savings associated with their actions are calculated for them, both financially and environmentally.

We can help you educate your customers about the choices they can make, both in lifestyle behaviours and in their purchases. When they see how much that old refrigerator is costing them, many will either unplug it or replace it.

What we can do for you – Businesses

Adopting an integrated approach to energy management can lower energy bills as well as staff/labor costs. Once organizations experience the financial returns from successful energy management, they continuously strive to improve their energy performance.

Dearness consultants can provide the expertise to help organizations develop a strategic resource conservation plan based on Environment/Economic Sustainable practices and tailored to the existing business strategy. Dearness also offers all necessary assistance to ensure implementation of the plan is efficient and cost effective.

Projects are designed to reduce building operating costs for building owners and managers and the cost of implementing energy management programs are repaid from operating cost savings.

Dearness services support the Audit-Implementation-Monitor management process and a Dearness developed web-based centre is available to act as a platform for two-way information flow.  The result -- increased participation and improved outcomes from all participants.

Hands for change

DES is the Canadian partner of CEE Canada and exploring international collaboration with Elementary & Secondary Schools interested in education of a more sustainable future.

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